Facilitating the protection and restoration of species and ecosystems at risk on BC’s South Coast

New SCCP Species at Risk Info Resource for 2022

Introducing the SCCP’s new online South Coast Species at Risk Recovery Info resource

The SCCP is pleased to announce a new online working document to encourage coordinated species at risk actions across the South Coast. It includes, for federally listed species at risk (SAR), the following info:

  • The current federal listing Schedule 1 status, and the existence/status of any federal and/or BC recovery planning documents (Recovery Strategies, Management Plans, or Action Plans)
  • The name of any existing recovery implementation coordination partnerships (Recovery Team, Working Group, or Action Team)

A resource tab for links on where to find SAR recovery planning documents, and other helpful online sources of information related to SAR recovery

Beyond this information, there is other recovery information the SCCP can share. With the launch of this resource, there is also the reminder to encourage you to contact the SCCP if you have a specific request to receive current contact info for the following:

  • Current governmental recovery contacts (Federal and Provincial) for specific species at risk
  • Key non-governmental recovery contacts for specific species at risk
  • Contact(s) for specific recovery implementation coordination partnerships

SCCP contact info is in the working document - link below. This working document will be continue to be updated on an ongoing basis when new information becomes available or is submitted.

Link to the Google Sheets document