Facilitating the protection and restoration of species and ecosystems at risk on BC’s South Coast

One of the largest terrestrial snails, the Oregon Forestsnail, is an endangered gastropod whose Canadian population is restricted to southwest BC. Image credit: Pamela Zevit
Tiny floral predators, sundews are often an indicator of the presence of sphagnum bogs, an ancient and rare type of wetland ecosystem. Image credit: Pamela Zevit
The Oregon Spotted Frog is found in only a handful of populations in the Fraser Valley of BC's South Coast. Image credit: Ryan Cloutier
Upland forests represent some of the most bio-diverse ecosystems for plants as well as wildlife on the South Coast
The Stawamus Chief along with the Squamish River are sacred spaces to the First Nations of the Squamish/Lillooet area as well as being a a recreational destination in Howe Sound. Image credit: Pamela Zevit
Coastal sand ecosystems are one of the rarest ecological communities left on the South Coast. Image Credit Tamsin Baker
Wetlands and still waters like Maria Slough represent some of the most important remaining habitat for the critically endangered Oregon Spotted Frog. Image Credit: Monica Pearson
Found in only a few watersheds on BC's South Coast, the Salish Sucker is relic from the last glaciation, part of a group known as the "Chehalis Fauna". Image credit: Mike Pearson
BC's largest shrew, Pacific Water Shrew is at the northern end of its North American range on the South Coast. Image credit: Dennis Knopp
The statuesque Great Blue Heron is an iconic sight on BC's coast. Two subspecies occur in British Columbia, the coastal faninni ssp. being found on the South Coast. Image credit: Winnu (Flickr)


On October 3rd, more than 40 participants gathered for the SCCP's first in-person networking event in four years! We extend our gratitude to the City of Surrey for hosting, to Environment and Climate Change Canada for their support, and to our excellent speakers. The presentations, covering diverse...
Another successful Conservation Connections event in the books! Thanks to all those that helped to organize, participate and present. We hope to see you all in person next year. The PDFs presentations are now posted at the bottom of the event page here.
BC’s South Coast species at risk info sharing and networking event is back for another year! The South Coast Conservation Program (SCCP) is pleased to offer our annual opportunity where you can hear from and connect with experts involved in the various aspects of species at risk recovery....
Species at Risk Public Registry News: The federal Species at Risk Public Registry has released quite a bit of new information relevant to BC's South Coast over the past few months. Several Schedule 1 listed Species have had recovery documents released for consultation. These include:...
Introducing the SCCP’s new online South Coast Species at Risk Recovery Info resource The SCCP is pleased to announce a new online working document to encourage coordinated species at risk actions across the South Coast. It includes, for federally listed species at risk (SAR), the following info...
Thank you to all those involved in the SCCP's first online Conservation Connections event! We hope you enjoyed all the many speakers and were able to network a little with through our breakout session. The presentations can be found by going to the webpage of the event which you can access by...
BC’s South Coast species at risk info sharing and networking event is returning for 2021! This year we are taking this event online for the first time! All who are involved and/or interested in conservation and species at risk recovery on BC's South Coast are welcome. For more information,...
The SCCP is pleased to announce that it has received a two-year Priority Places grant from Environment and Climate Change Canada! This generous support provides the SCCP with the ability to have a part-time contract Coordinator to help the SCCP move forward in achieving its mission to facilitate...



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