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Pelage (fur) is dull olive to rich, glossy brown on the back with darker indistinct spots on the back of the shoulder; underside paler. The long ears extend about 4 mm beyond the tip of the nose when pressed forward; the tragus (ear fold) is long, narrow, and pointed. Ears and wing membranes are dark brown. A fringe of tiny hairs on the outside edge of the tail membrane is visible with a hand lens. The skull has a steep forehead; the rostrum (snout) is short and rises abruptly giving it a shrew like face. Regarding the special concern status, this species is listed as Schedule 3 on the SARA Registry and is still awaiting reassessment based on new COSEWIC criteria.

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Global Status: 
Provincial Status: 
SARA Status: 
Special Concern
BC List Status: 
Blue (Considered to be of Special Concern)


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