Facilitating the protection and restoration of endangered species and ecological communities on BC’s South Coast


Registration now open for the upcoming Diversity by Design Workshops

The SCCP and Fraser Valley Conservancy along with other local partners are hosting two upcoming workshops to launch the brand new Diversity by Design series of habitat restoration guidebooks for species at risk.

Diversity by Design Now Online!

The SCCP's long-awaited Diversity By Design series for restoring habitat for species at risk is now available!

September 20 through 27 2015

Celebrate River's Day with the SCCP

As part of our ongoing work this year in the Tri-cities and beyond, the South Coast Conservation Program will be joining in some local fun this coming River's Day weekend! 





Site visits being scheduled for Tri-Cities and Fraser Valley!

Endangered Times - News for the South Coast: Legs and Regs

Environment Canada has posted a roadmap outlining recovery planning for the next three years, check out the document at the bottom of this post.  In the meantime a number of species listings and recovery strategy updates have occurred over the past year.

Endangered Times - News for the South Coast: SEARious Science

What is the point of saving endangered species?

It will cost billions of dollars to save all the world's threatened species. What's in it for us?

From BBC.COM July 2015

Endangered Times - News for the South Coast: South Coast Voice

The SCCP works with a number of partners, land use authorities and citizens. Whenever we can, we like to celebrate and profile those important connections – we couldn’t do the work we do without them.

Endangered Times - News for the South Coast: Species Pick: Western Pearlshell

Three Cheers for Freshwater Mussels!

What can live for over 100 years, lives on the bottom of lakes and streams and needs a fish host to reproduce successfully? Some of BC’s least known and most imperilled species - freshwater mussels!

Endangered Times - News for the South Coast: Programs and Resources

If you haven’t checked out our Landowner Stewardship page you’ve missed out on some great new resources! The SCCP has compiled a number of resources to help you learn more about stewardship, and how to identify and protect wildlife, including species at risk, in your backyard.  


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