Facilitating the protection and restoration of endangered species and ecological communities on BC’s South Coast


Sunshine Coast, Port Coquitlam and Squamish

Conservation Connections Events for Feb and March 2018

The SCCP is pleased to announce the latest in our Conservation Connections Series for February and March 2018 with events covering a wide range of conservation and species at risk related topics!  These free events will happen on the Sunshine Coast (Pender Harbour), Port Coquitlam and Squamish.  All will be welcome!  See below for more info about these events.

Salamanders and Owls

New South Coast Identification Guides

The SCCP is pleased to announce the release of two more species identification guides for the South Coast of BC. The new guides are Salamanders & Newts, and Owls.

Saturday, Sept 30th

Cheam Lake Nature Fest

The SCCP is celebrating the wildlife and species at risk of Cheam Lake Regional Park with many of our partners! Join us for a fun-filled family event with lots to see and do. Saturday, Sept. 30th from 10am to 2pm. For details go HERE.

Endangered Times – Fall/Winter 2017-18: 'SEARious' Science

Critical habitat designation for Canadian listed species: Slow, biased, and incomplete. Sarah C. Bird, Karen E. Hodges. Environmental Science & Policy 71 (2017) 1–8

Endangered Times – Fall/Winter 2017-18: South Coast Voice

It’s a bird, it’s a fish, it’s a plant, wait no it’s all of those things. But how can that be? Because it’s a BioBlitz!

Endangered Times – Fall/Winter 2017-18: Species Pick!

Introducing the Western Screech Owl kennicotii ssp. Length 19-25.5 cm, Weight 120-305 g.

Endangered Times – Fall/Winter 2017-18: Programs & Resources:

How has 2017 been shaping up on the project front?

Endangered Times – Fall/Winter 2017-18: What’s New?

Since we last reported out in our spring-summer newsletter, the SCCP has been focused on the program activities funded in the first half of 2017 while bolstering legacy

Sept. 13, 2017

Species at Risk Rally in the Valley

Join the SCCP and our partners on Sept 13th, 2017 to find out what is happening with species at risk recovery and conservation planning. 

Getting to Know Your Amphibians at Risk

Announcing SCCP's South Coast Species at Risk Series

The SCCP is pleased to unveil a new resource to help answer your questions on species at risk identification and best practices for BC's South Coast!

Squamish, Mission and Vancouver event details for March 2017

Announcing the Conservation Connections Series!

The SCCP is pleased to announce our Conservation Connections Series with events covering a wide range of conservation and species at risk related topics!  Starting in March 2017, these free events will happen across the South Coast over the next few years.  All will be welcome!  See below for details on events in Squamish, Mission and Vancouver.  For more information and to save your spot, go to our EVENTS page.

Cool Critters of the Fraser Valley: Spotlight on Snails

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