Facilitating the protection and restoration of endangered species and ecological communities on BC’s South Coast

Wildlife and Species at Risk Resources

This page is to provide resources, mostly created by the SCCP, to guide you in identifing the wildlife (and species at risk) found on the South Coast. Also included are guides to other resources and tips on management.

South Coast Guides


Frogs and Toads of BC's South CoastAquatic Amphibian Eggs of BC's South Coast and Salamanders and Newts of BC's South Coast. French versions available for the Frogs and Toads, and Eggs guides.

For a summary of the best resources on-line to help answer all your amphibian-related questions: South Coast Species at Risk Series: Getting to Know Your Amphibians at Risk - updated for March 2018!

For help on controlling invasive amphibians: Guide to American Bullfrog Management


Identify South Coast turtles


Owls of BC's South Coast 

Land Snails:


Free SCCP Apps:

South Coast Endangered Species Finder SCCP App for species identification on the go! Now in both iOS and Android versions - link for download on SCCP homepage.



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