Facilitating the protection and restoration of species and ecosystems at risk on BC’s South Coast

Freshwater Mussel Relocation Guidelines

Written and edited by Christina Luzier and Shelly Miller this document is a product of the Pacific Northwest Native Freshwater Mussel Workgroup.

Mussel relocation projects are undertaken for a variety of reasons. Many projects are intended to move mussels from the zone of impact of a construction project. Others are designed to create refuge populations for species threatened with extinction. In still other cases, relocation efforts have been used to try to establish new or re-establish extirpated populations. Each of these efforts has very different goals and levels of urgency. Therefore, while the Pacific Northwest Freshwater Mussel Workgroup (Workgroup) recommends all projects complete some level of analysis prior to project implementation; certain projects such as efforts to establish new populations and supplementing existing populations should undergo more rigorous evaluation than emergency relocation projects that are undertaken to move mussels from the zone of impact of an impending construction project. 

For further information see the SCCP's species profile page on Winged Floater or the Xerces Society's extensive resources on freshwater mussels. 



For the most up to date information regarding guidelines and regulatory requirements for various species and ecological communities at risk in BC, please contact the relevant staff with the Province of BC, Environment Canada, Pacific Region or the Species at Risk Program of the Ecosystems Management Branch, Department of Fisheries & Oceans Canada, Pacific Region. Detailed contact information can be found on our CONTACT page. 


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