Facilitating the protection and restoration of endangered species and ecological communities on BC’s South Coast

What's New?

Transition, transition, transition! The South Coast Conservation Program like just about any other organization is not static. As a non-profit joint venture we are at the whim of grant funding cycles, sponsorship opportunities and partner capacity. This year has had its high and low points in that regard. While we have been successful with obtaining multi-year funding for flagship initiatives like our Nature Stewards Program, our work with local governments and citizen science initiative active delivery of other programs and services has had to take a back seat for 2017.

As part of that, Pamela Zevit our Program Coordinator is transitioning out of her executive role back to her roots working on special projects. So what does this mean? Well, programs like our work with First Nations and Diversity by Design will not be actively delivered, at least not until further funding can be secured to coordinate them, our Species at Risk in the Classroom program remains available on a fee for service basis. And of course resources and tools developed to date remain accessible as digital resources via our website. Essentially we will be channeling our energy into the programs we do have funding for to ensure that the SCCP and its efforts on the South Coast to affect species at risk conservation remains strong.

Reduced funding shouldn’t be perceived as a catastrophe. It forces organizations to become much more strategic and focused in their services and roles.

So let’s look at what the half-full part of the glass has in store!

Our work with private landowners (Nature Stewards Program) coordinated by Tamsin Baker, the SCCP’s Stewardship Coordinator, continues as a multi-year project. New for this year our stewardship activities have received multi-year funding to undertake a suite of capacity building activities. As part of this Tamsin will be developing a “Stewardship Roadmap” for the South Coast to prioritize stewardship efforts for the coming years. With the multitude of recovery strategies and action plans now being released by the Federal Government, this is an opportune time to begin networking across our diverse region to connect with key stakeholders on developing a plan.

To support work with landowners and the public, the SCCP has also been funded to continue its work on developing mobile ready, user friendly online tools for species at risk identification and monitoring. The “South Coast Endangered Species Finder” app, already available for Android devices on the Google Play Store will soon be available for IOS users via the Apple App Store! We also will be working to complete another 60 or so species at risk profiles on the website, all of which will auto sync and update on the app. By early 2017 users will be able to have a comprehensive mobile resource and click to print profile archive of over 100 species profiles for the entire BC Mainland Coast from Alaska to Washington State and the Islands of the Salish Sea, Central Coast and North Coast.

Along with the upgraded app, the SCCP’s website is getting a bit of an upgrade with more centralized resources and additional pages including relevant resources for First Nations and Inventory and Monitoring tools. As a facilitator for conservation action, we want to ensure that our partners and the audiences we engage with have access to the most up to date resources, whether developed by the SCCP, regulatory authorities or complementary organizations and partners.

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