Facilitating the protection and restoration of endangered species and ecological communities on BC’s South Coast

'SEARious' Science

Understanding critical habitat needs for our rarest South Coast amphibian:

In 2013 Monica Pearson, renowned Oregon Spotted Frog champion co-authored a report on how to define the most relevant conservation habitat needs for ‘OSF’, a highly imperiled amphibian at risk in the Fraser Valley.

The studies “overarching goal was to examine the interplay between two scales of habitat selection by the endangered Oregon Spotted Frog in two remnant British Columbia populations to help inform species recovery. Specifically, the study objectives were: to evaluate the strength of habitat relationships at two levels of resolution, macro- and microhabitat, and to present a framework to inform habitat management practices that can be broadly applicable across sites with different vegetation characteristics.”

The paper is available through the journal “Herpetological Conservation and Biology” here.


Image courtesy Ryan Cloutier

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