Facilitating the protection and restoration of endangered species and ecological communities on BC’s South Coast

Legs & Regs!

Recovery strategies and action plans are being posted like hot cakes! While many others are being finalized, public input is wanted on critical habitat and other policies. Environment and Climate Canada has posted a number of these documents ranging from Critical Habitat Protection on non-federal (read private and provincial crown) lands etc., policies on survival and recovery and many more. The documents will be open for a 60-day comment period and this is a critical time to have your say and provide a regional voice. Documents can be accessed via the Species at Risk Public Registry.

Safety Net precedent setting case in Quebec! While the Western Chorus Frog might make you think of our own wee tree frog here in BC, it is actually a distinct eastern species at risk in Quebec. In June a precedent setting federal “Safety Net” order was issued to protect the critical habitat of the frog and effectively halt a component of a major development in suburban Montréal. This is the first order to impact private lands under the Species at Risk Act and it remains to be seen whether, like the previous order to protect Sage Grouse from 2013 in Saskatchewan will result in legal action by the plaintiffs. You can download the complete federal order here.

Western Chorus Frog courtesy of Ohio Department of Natural Resources Division of Wildlife

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