Facilitating the protection and restoration of species and ecosystems at risk on BC’s South Coast

Announcing SCCP's South Coast Species at Risk Series

Getting to Know Your Amphibians at Risk

The SCCP is pleased to unveil a new resource to help answer your questions on species at risk identification and best practices for BC's South Coast!

Our new Species at Risk Series brings together frequently asked questions, and the best places for answers about our local species at risk!  The first edition of the series focuses on frogs, toads and salamanders.  Entitled "Getting to Know your Amphibians at Risk" this 2-page PDF has direct links to a range of resources found across our website and beyond. Check it out along with our other extensive resources for landowners and stewards here.

Stay tuned for more additions to the series, including a focus on local owls, mammals and land snails ar risk!

*Hard copy versions of some of the resources are available upon request.


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